Are Glass Balustrades Safe?

Are Glass Balustrades safe? A common question for any property owner that is looking to invest in a high-quality home improvement solution. Our balustrades are an ideal choice for anyone looking to ensure that their outdoor space is safe and secure for any possibility. Prevent falls and accidents from high-risk areas, ensuring that your loved ones such as children and the elderly remain comfortable and completely accounted for to ensure a stress-free experience.

Our glass balustrades can provide glass barriers as tall as 1.8 metres high. Ensuring completely unobstructed sightlines whilst acting as safety barriers against any potential trip hazard or needed adjustments for any particular project where the height of the balustrade needs to be amended. Our glass isn’t just for show either – for those looking for some privacy, we offer the choice to screen your balustrades, obstructing any external onlookers. Enjoy your outdoor space openly or in secrecy; the choice is yours.

Our glass balustrades utilise an aluminium frame; this means that our valued customers can benefit from an incredibly lightweight home improvement solution. As such, our balustrades do not impose any unnecessary weight on your property’s structure or nearby surroundings. Despite this, because of the aforementioned aluminium frame, our balustrades boast incredible durability and resiliency against any external threat, including the very worst of the natural elements or excessive physical forces. Benefit from a balustrade that offers uncompromised safety and style in one.

Here at Inspired Architectural Solutions, we offer a more secure variant of our glass balustrade range, our iGuard Glass Balustrades. Designed and manufactured with your safety and security in mind, our valued customers can enjoy slim sightlines and a sleek aesthetic whilst benefiting from a home improvement solution that provides enhanced safety.

how safe are glass balustrades


Boasting the aforementioned aluminium frame and privacy screening, our iGuard glass balustrades also offer wind protection, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors without having to worry about any sudden surges of strong winds. Overlook a balcony with absolute confidence or gaze out into your outdoor space with full reassurance that our glass balustrades will property owners like you safe.

But you don’t have to take our word for it – our range of balustrades have been accredited throughout the industry. Fully tested to meet and exceed the requirements of BS 6180: 2011. This means that our glass balustrades have been approved by the BSI to act as a protective barrier. We ensure this by fully testing both the system and its components against any possible threat to ensure that our glass balustrade’s structural integrity remains unimpeded regardless of what it faces outside.

Our glass and glazing also follow the current guidelines set by the GGF. We here at Inspired Architectural Solutions achieve the very best standard currently available in the market. Because our balustrades are mostly comprised of glass as its main component, we here at Inspired have made sure that it is compliant with all relevant British and European standards. As such, our glass balustrades offer an experience that invites zero stress and total safety for any property owner looking to get more out of their outdoor space, whether it is a balcony, a patio or garden – the choice is yours.

Are Glass Balustrades safe? Here at Inspired Architectural Solutions, we provide a home improvement solution that offers uncompromised safety to ensure that our valued customers can enjoy their brand new balustrade in total confidence and reassurance without ever having to worry about second rate integrity or security. Get the best of both worlds with Inspired as our glass balustrades offer unparalleled style and safety.

To find out more about how safe our glass balustrades are, simply get in touch with us today!

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