Are Juliet Balconies Safe?

Are Juliet Balconies safe? A worthwhile question for any property owner looking to invest in one of our stunning modern juliet balconies. We here at Inspired Architectural Solutions believe in providing a home improvement solution that will not only last against any external threat caused by the very worst of the British weather but also ensure that homeowners are able to feel safe and secure with our modern juliet balcony range.

When it comes to safety, it is of paramount importance that you can feel confident looking out your balcony without fear of injury. As such, ensuring your safety with our modern juliet balconies is Inspired’s number one priority. Look out to your back garden or the nearby flora with absolute confidence.

But don’t just take our word for it – our modern juliet balcony range speaks for itself!

Manufactured from aluminium, our modern juliet balconies boast an incredibly durable frame, whilst being exceptionally lightweight, giving property owners the best of both worlds. Capable of resisting excessive physical force, rely on a home improvement solution that can meet any demand and protect you against any external threat. And unlike steel alternatives, which are often heavier and more likely to fall into disrepair during its suspension, our lightweight aluminium juliet balconies are virtually maintenance free and long lasting. Invest in a balcony that will take care of you, not the other way round.

how safe are juliet balconies

Our modern juliet balconies also sport 10mm toughened glass or the choice of 10.8mm toughened laminated glass. Built to last against the very worst the natural elements have to offer, enjoy an incredible view without ever having to worry about the strength or durability of your brand new modern juliet balcony. Because glass is a huge component of our modern juliet balcony range, we here at Inspired strive to make sure it has been fully tested against any possible threat it may face. Designed and manufactured to meet and exceed the requirements of BS 6180: 2011, homeowners can benefit from a home improvement solution that has been certified and approved for its ability to act as a protective barrier.

Because our range of modern juliet balconies are comprised of mostly glass, we ensure that our home improvement solutions have zero weak points, ensuring that there is nothing that will compromise your security and safety. As such, our glass and glazing all follow the current GGF guidelines, as well as being compliant with all relevant British and European standards. Trust in a modern juliet balcony that will ensure total comfort and confidence, allowing for uninterrupted views and unrivalled security and safety.

Are Juliet Balconies safe? Here at Inspired Architectural Solutions, we only offer home improvement solutions that ensure total security and safety for all of our valued customers. We believe in offering only the very best, which is why we ensure that our modern juliet balconies are certified by the very latest in safety regulations and accreditations. Approved by some of the biggest names in the home security industry, including BSI, FCG, GGF and many more. Trust in a juliet balcony that has been truly tested against every possibility, trust in Inspired.

To find out more about how Inspired Architectural Solutions can offer you a modern juliet balcony that can ensure your safety, just simply click below and get in touch with us today!

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